Dear Editor,

While Moti is jumping with glee on being freed, nothing postive comes to mind when I think about the man. He was a devisive force in Solomon Islands and should not be welcomed. We do not want our society polarized between those in Moti's camp and those against him. During his term as Attorney General (AG) of Solomon Islands, his presence created a negative atmosphere and as a result, unneccessary resources and attention was diverted to his case at a time when the government and its people should be focussing more on iniatives to develop and take the nation forward.

The decision of the Sogovare government to policize the AG's post resulted in the government entagling itself in the Moti web. It is of their own making. Let us hope that future governments will return the AG position the be a career position. We do not need foreigners like Moti holding the highest legal position in the land. We have our own citizens who are just as capable of discharging the responsibilities that come with the position.

My advise to Moti is not to cast his eyes across the horizon to Solomon Islands.