Over the past month, I have visited the hospital 3 times with various family members with for different illness reasons. On all occasions that we first attended we were told that there were no doctors on duty. On one occasion we were told that we had to wait because the doctors were currently having their 'christmas party'.

A christmas party with on-staff doctors at the Hospital!? Surely this should be held either off the hospital grounds, or there should be a roster so that all doctors are not 'off-work' at the same time. All the while sick and injured people are waiting for care. On each ocassion we were told to return the next day at 8am. even though we did arrive early in the morning we continued to wait until the afternoon or evening for treatment.

I really feel sorry for the many people who are forced to use this system. Please, can this be seriously addressed and overhauled to improve the standards for the people of Solomon Islands. We all hear about the many International Aid Donors in Honiara and Solomon Islands. Surely the hospital must be made a priority