Dear Editor,

2009 went, 2010 comes.

For every thing there is a occurring time and a bound season. Wise man Solomon commented in Ecclesiastes (in the bible) that there is always a time for every thing to happen under the sun. A time to be born and a time to die, a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to commit crimes and a time to face their consequences. A time to sow wisdom and a time to reap the honor, respect, riches and glory of wisdom. A time to gather and a time to scatter. A time to build and a time to tear down.
Solomon Islands as a unique nation of diverse groups of people, we too had our 2009's share of our ups and downs. Our triumphs and our pit falls. Whether be as a country, an organization, tribe, community, family or as individuals. We all can measure how much we have achieved or failed and to what level of extent.

However, importantly as we evaluate on what we have done in latter 2009, one question we should all asks our selves personally is: what have I planted in my life in 2009? Sorrow? Lies? Love? Hatred? Joy? Peace? Injustice? Gentleness? Faithfulness? Unfaithfulness? Honor?

The next question we should all ask after the first is: what do I expect to gain out of my decisions and actions in 2010? Success? Failure? Sorrow? Joy? Triumph? Charges? Divorce? Promotion? Arrest? Liberty? Justice? Shame?

After all, 2009's season of planting had gone and 2010's reaping days are dawning. What we have planted in our hearts and minds in 2009, sooner or later we will for sure harvest in 2010. What ever they may seem, good or bad, right or wrong, true or false; their rebounding effects are true to happen one way or the other in our own lives. Nonetheless, lets not be discouraged, but let us all in strategy; face our future together with hope and certainty, accounting forth both our anticipated and contingent risks.

May Yahweh, the Holy God of Israel and the Holy God of Solomon Islands; forgivingly pardon us those whom we have realized our wrongs done in 2009 and are now responsible for the consequences of our sins in 2010. May Yahweh of Israel, the God of Solomon Islands, also add double measure of good tidings to the remnant of his people who stand the test of time in the midst of our nation's: moral decay, sociological cancer, political adversities, legal tampering, religious psychosis, biological anomalies and economic selfishness, which have been bombarding our usual lives day in and day out in 2009.

It is and will always be my faith that; Yahweh will never leave the shores of the Happy Isles- Solomons. It is my hope that days are coming in the future when Solomon Islands will be the true holistic liberator of impoverished nations of the world, the authentic pacific lands in the South Pacific Ocean.

I am hopeful that one day all Solomon Islanders will wholly resuscitate our hearts back truly to our only eternal God Yahweh of Israel; who will forgive us our sins and will heal our lands. He will be our only guide to developing, enriching and prospering our great country once again for eternity.

May we continue to always declare: "Our nation Solomon Islands stands forever more"
And most essentially may we daily say this prayer to Yahweh always: "Our father who art in Heaven, your kingdom come, your will be done in Solomon Islands as it is in heaven..for yours is the Government in Solomon Islands forever"

A fruitful and multiplying year 2010 all patriotic citizens. 2009 went, 2010 comes. Our time of dominance is coming.