As a concern citizen of the Solomon Islands I would like to add a comment in relation to the topic: Why bemobile and not Digicel. I have been studing in Fiji (Fulton College) for about two years now and have seen and expirenced the need and essential uses for a good reliable communication service. This is because it can help in many ways. Then, when it helps you and you feel that it solves your problem or satisfies your mind you are happy. I have been using the Digicel netwok since I arrived in Fiji and I can say that it is a very excellent communication service. Not only that the cost of their services is cheap but it is also very reliable. I do not understand why and how the bemobile came about to be known in the Solomons and to tell you the truth I have just heard of it now. The point is, maybe whoever is behind this should firstly consider quality, reliability and excellency so that we can really be satisfied and be benefited with what we spend on, rather than just working blindly and thinking of themselves. But afterall, all of us will be affected for just one wrong decision. If I were to make a recommendation between bemobile and Digicel, I would go with Digicel.