Interestingly that was a good reply by Mr Kwow in regards to the above concept.

Yes, there are a lot of assistance that Australia had provided to the Solomon Islands in the health sector, there is no doubt about that. That is what is recorded in papers and reports which could be miles away from what actually happens in reality.
Take for example when Solomon Islands under the leadership of the late Ulu'ufalu requested assistance from Australia regarding its law and order situation Australia did not in any way considers the timing of that request which at the time would have been appropriate and would not in any way resulted in the Solomon Islands being considered as a fail state.

I observed with my eyes the way Aussie soldiers would treat those people on the street who would asked for an empty bottle thinking that they would at least earn may be a twenty cent for that. Those beggars were shocked to even see how an Aussie soldier would defend the bottle and would not be allowed to be taken away.

Mr Kwow with due respect its the simple things in life that speaks the truth. Is Australia here genuinely to help Solomon Islands or are they here to cover up their bottoms?