Hey people, wake up. Find out what is going on. BEMOBILE? Where is this company from? How good are their services and the incentive they provide? Be mindful People.

Is it really an independent company? I'm afraid to say this but what if it can be easily influence to avoid the risks of completion? Don't be surprised if the reduction of rates to make a call is 0.05% because it strikes a deal with Telekom to stay afloat. What good does that mean to our citizen in terms of the telecommunication industry? It only means we never move forward.
Digicel is a global company which I believe cannot be influence by other telecommunication companies. Therefore, I believe influence from companies such as Telekom would be very minimal. This would mean better services based on its own directives.
Digicel covers 85% of Vanuatu just within its first year. It provides incentives such as scholarship, free calls on certain periods, etc. Recently, it is introduce internet using the flash-drive-like stuff.
But maybe their demands are too expensive and not conducive for the interest of the minority who rules so they decide to make Digicel pack up and go.