Thumbs up to Digicel. Wholeheartly welcome you on the soil of Solomon islands. I guess its time for Solomon islands to have another source of communicaton network to assist the freaking Telekom of their poor unreliable services.

Landowners, please be productive, allocate your land to develope in such for Digicel to set up their towers. Be nice to your modern generation instead of being disputing lands for such developing for modern life style. These days are not con-shell days, these days are cell phone or mobile phone days or instead of listening to news on the radio, you can watch the news via television or using your computer, laptop, iphone. We need to catch up with modern life. ALLOCATE YOUR LAND FOR DIGICEL. WE ALL WILL BENEFIT. Telekom, don't be greedy.

If you can't charter for your service efficiency then why you have to make things hard for a sister company in communication to come and assist with providing service for thousand of frastrated customers out there. We all will die from this earth, while we still have these breath, come on let's work together, instead of being hard as rock.

Congratulation Digicel, We need you to come rescue us from this unreliable service of Telekom.

Enaf, iumi earn smol seleni en naf fo ripim mifala poor citizen blo Solomon.