Our country's number one purse has been running low as constantly reported by responsible authorities and has been attributed to a number of factors including the global recession and corrupt practices within the government circle. Thus our national government could not afford:
i) airfares for our prospecting doctors to Cuba
ii) employ more officers
iii) students' allowances
iv) other basic services to the provinces
v) etc.

However, our leaders think that our country's only purse still can afford to fund the:
i) controversial members' entitlements (subsequently quashed)
ii) proposed 15 additional constituencies
iii) former GGs' life entitlements
iv) etc..

I am wondering what is going on, we could not even stand firm on our feet and yet allow to carry additional load/burden.

I don't undermine the benefits for instance, rendered through constituencies but can we afford and sustain such initiatives, given that our main revenue earner the logging industry is about to wipe out in 2-3 yrs time as confirmed by responsible officials.