Dear Editor,

What on earth is Ruks Loko on about? Why would Australia not want to see the Solomons improve it's basic standard of living? Why do you think Australia is spending so much money on helping its friend and neighbour the Solomon Islands with improving law and order, improving the government, as well as all the projects it is funding? This is nothing to do with colonisation.

You have been reading too much rubbish from the very suspect Patrick O'Connor who writes misinformed drivel on the World Socialist Website (which then gets reprinted in the Solomon Star). The funding from Iran was not stopped by the Australian government, it was stopped by the ANZ bank itself, which is held to an international agreement that prevents it dealing with funds from Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, Burma or Cuba. Iran is a country that persecutes Christians - think about it. The Solomons is taking money from a country that does such things.