The sites referred to by Paul Revere failed to disprove if global warming is fake and whether heat-trapping gases played no roles in the sea level rise and melting of snow glaciers. Whilst the authors concerned have admitted to the authenticity of some of the leaked emails, by scientists claiming to exaggerate temperature increases attributed to gas emission, these are very insignificant as far as the effects of global warming on the livelihood of the human race is concerned.

Skeptics of global warming should instead provide authentic data to disprove the occurrence and threat of global warming. Another author under this same site had previously stated that atolls rise along with the sea level rise, discovered by Charles Darwin. However, formation of atolls take thousands and millions of years and can not withstand the faster rate at which water is released thru the melting of ice in the North poles. This is where Charles Darwin failed miserably to explain in his theory. In addition, I do not think there are any reports published on the direct relationship between tectonic plate movements and global warming thus, anything other than emission of heat trapping gases as contributing to global warming are pure assumptions.

Finally, what we have seen and read by skeptics of global warming are desperation by few rich hungry individuals and companies that stands to lose business if and when USA fully agree to endorse any binding agreement that succeeded the Kyoto Protocol.