Sumsum, I believe you just jackpotted the problems that our national airlines unfortunately accepted and let themselves go through!!!

Why does the national government condone the national airline to operate as it is now?! Surely something is amiss!!!

Sumsum should go!!! He's better off as a technical specialist as he has displayed no competency as a CEO and manager!

The national airline is going down and if nothing is done qickly to stop the exodus of our nationals especially in the technical field, we might as well call this airline not Solomon Airlines but another Vanuatu Airlines, seeing that all top spots have been allocated to people from vanuatu.

Solomon Airlines need people that have its interest at heart and not people who are more concerned for their own benefit.

As Genesis also pointed out, why employ outsiders when we have our own qualified top national pilots who are out of job and are in country? Where are the economics of this situation?

Should we employ exparts who are so expensive or nationals who strive for recognition and equal treatment in the workplace???........

more to follow..... 10 reasons why Solomon Airlines has failed the nation!!!!