It is time for change as many countries around the world embrace few alterations to their constitution and legislative powers. Solomon Islands constitutions should be reviewed after every 4 years to see if the country is heading in the right direction. One of the reasons why the Solomon Islands never produce potential leaders is because of the British Colonial system we still uphold. It is for the benefit of this country that some changes must be made to our political system and constitution.

Our Solomon Islands had gone through the ethnic conflict which nearly ripped our lives for good. Instead of us worked together to make change in our country, we invited foreigners to do it for us. As a result we have the 2006 riots, the on going corruption in our political system and the lack of social stability in our capital city. This is because no one takes pride in themselves and their country anymore.

Next reason why change should be made is that most of the natural resources' are in the hands of the foreigners. A saying goes like when you have the money you have the power, and power controls whatever it can. That's why changes should be made so that few ruling elites should not get way with the scares resources we have. Changes must be made that's the only way our stagnant Solomon Islands can move forward.