Jane, writing in from Gizo seemed not very happy with the SI Gov't newly established friendship with Iran. Most Solomon Islanders are in the same boat and wish that the Government urgently severe ties with the said country for many reasons. It is obvious that the country is in dire need for the funds, therefore took the step taken relentlessly. My concern in this matter is the Begging attitude by the SI Government which seemed to be very good at. We (SI)are living on AID money and very soon we might be sold for just few bucks. When are we going to toil the land and harvest our own resources?. The Gov't should come up with new law which allow them more power or (win-win) situation over customary land so that harvesting and mining of resources be done on the timeframe determined by the Government. I am not suggesting here, the Gov't getting the larger share or be involved in the sharing of royalities. What iam trying to say here is, instead of the resources lying idle due to disagreement between land owning groups for so many years whilst the country is sliding down economically, the Gov't being the legimate administrative power in Country can determine which Company and when operation should start. I understand, in PNG, the Gov't have more say in any resources below 6 feet underground, but with due respect to the landowners.

What do you think?