I overheard a conversation between a Constituency Development Officer and an Officer regarding the Millennium Constituency Development Fund (MCDF).

I am not going to delve on the discussion, but on one point I have heard from this Constituency Development Officer as he was communicating to the Officer from Planning. "Please Kuik time, staka people lo haus. Mifala gogo no save kakai taiyo na, supsup nomoa".

There are two issues raised during this discussion. Firstly, many constituents or voters in the MPs residence, and the paying of taiyo to feed them while in the MPs residence. To begin with, why do we have many voters/constituents in the MPs residences? Firstly, I believe voters or constituents who are coming and bunk in the MPs residences are being promised by the MPs during their campaign. Kind ia, mi if ufala votim mi, haus blo mi lo Honiara, blo ufala naia. Anytime ufala like kam, kakam nomoa, and haus open for ufala anytime. So that means anytime these people come to town, they always go to their MPs home for accommodation, food and even fares to return. These add pressures on the MP and subsequently use or abuse Public Funds to meet the needs of his/her people.

In addition, I think our constituents have been misinformed. They are lured into believing that our MPs have a lot of money, and every time they feel hungry or have no bus fares, they think that their MP will provide them. Further to that, it is obvious that most of the Constituency Committees are also living with the MPs in Town (Honiara). I wonder what these people are doing in Honiara, while the people they represent are at home.

Secondly, let me ask this question: Is the funds for paying for our Taiyo in Honiara or lo haus blo MPs to be specific? The Ansa is NOMOA. My fellow Solomon Islanders and the CDO concern, please u fala mas save that seleni ia no for payim Taiyo for umi time umi full lo haus blo MP ia. Voters please Ufala mas save too that haus blo MP hem blo hem and family, even committees/Horsemen are not allowed to live there. Seleni ia for constituency Development and our constituency are back at home not in Honiara. Committees, place blo ufala for waka lo Constituency and not Honiara. No kam lo town for mekem presa lo MP blo umi gogo ota usim seleni for divelopum Constituency for payim taiyo for umi lo town time umi full up lo haus blo olketa nomoa na. Kind Olsem na no anything happen lo home, then ota olo wea base kam lo constituency wait lo home for any project kam ia no lukim anything na.
To wind up my views and waiting for any responses from others who might interest, I would suggest that we are all responsible for the development of our country, beloved Solomon Islands. Our people should be made aware that our MPs homes are for the MPs alone and their families.

Constituency Committees should be based at home rather than residing with the MPs and only come to the MP when the need arise or Constituency should have their offices in the Provinces to avoid people flooding in to Honiara to ask money from the MPs. Mr. CDOs, the use of Millennium Constituency Development fund for Taiyo is abuse of Public Funds and should be called misappropriation of Public Funds. Look good lo oketa constituency acquittal summary and retirement reports, nogud ota receipt for taiyo nomoa ota boss ia se payim timber for buildim class room.