Thank you for submitting my concern.

As a Solomon Islander I am very unhappy and outrage regarding the Solomon islands foreign minister's action to take Iran's money. I don't like Iran and I have nothing in common with Iran and its policies. I don't like their nuclear weapons and their outrageous president. Iran has nothing in common with Solomon islands. What in particular have made our foreign minister to accept their offer? Money isn't it. And what is Iran going to get in return? Did the foreign minister thought around the concept before accepting? Iran will surely comeback and bite you on your back if you use their hard earn money.

Think leaders, think and thread very careful when liasing with Iran. I don't want Iranian testing their nuclear weapons on the Mary island No! What do you all think Iran is going to do later in years if we start by accepting and utilising their money? Some I have here is; Creating bilateral relationship, sending in their representative over. Liasing with the already fussed leaders and knock down our country that has placed itself on the ground by starting over again. Think well democratically and diplomatically. Dont let money misguide you.