Dear editor,

I would like to comment on Tesua's article on Goldstone Report. It was a pity Solomon Islands voted in favor of the Goldstone Report at UN. The so called 'Human Rights' is a tool used by extremist terror organization like Hamas and Hezbollah to legitimize their terror activities. They used women, children and civilians as defense shield and turn them into military targets.

For more than 8 years Hamas and Hezbollah have targeted Israelis' civilians, terrorizing them with their missiles. Until the Goldstone Report, Human Rights never spoke against it and when Israel responds to defend its citizens, Human Rights Watch dog would condemn Israelis' actions calling it a violation of human rights.

Hamas and Hezbollah are well known for military installation around civilians. The Goldstone Report has given legitimacy to these acts and the gross violation of women, children and civilians will continue to be seriously committed. The Goldstone Report is bias and would only strengthen terrorist organization like Hamas and Hezbollah activities.

Iran has funded 25 Solomon Islands medical students to study at Cuba and it is obvious why Solomon Islands took the vote in favor of the Goldstone Report. The Minister who takes the vote of Solomon Islands in favor of the Report has canal understanding in Mid-East Issues or he might have been poorly advised by his advisors (or he could have been misled by money, the usual tactic of Solomon Islands).