It is interesting to read the stand-out Solomon Islands had taken in abandoning its vote to Israel. Was that a reiteration of the cold war onslaught, a post cold war realisation or an exercising of our sovereignty? At this point, I was deeply veered by Mr. Kulukena's view which I really supported regarding the Solomon Islands sovereignty stance. It seems the extent logical exercising from our leader (Mr. Haomae) depicted a limited fail-safe.

Was Mr. Haomae selling our sovereignty to one of the notable terrorist haven countries as mentioned by honorable Sogavare or he just trying to implement Solomon Islands sovereignty under captive economic influences with Iran to fund our 25 medical students to Cuba?

I believe what matters are the relationships we have with our global friends as a true spear that ignites a profound and cordial dignity to them as a sovereign state. Lest we forget that a country like Solomon Islands is always at precipice to be influenced since we don't have an economic sustainable base to draw attention. What we always do is our voice (which is selling our sovereignty) as what Mr. Haomae did which on the other hand a blow and at the same time it count -attacking our own moral to our global friends which we can inevitably defy.

To you my friend Dan Tanagu from GPPOL, think of the globalised world where our interaction is just a stride of your leg can gauge the intactness. Solomon Islands is responsible for all its multi-bilateral correlations. The visited leaders from other countries uttered that we have an odd number to put our feet up. And in all, they are the people which their decisions still courts the world. Talking about Israel, American or other countries you can think of as superpowers they can wash the world in an instant glisten of your eyes. These people still cares about who we are and they want the world to be a better place to live.