Dear editor,

Allow me space to confer my view in response to Dann's article on "Questions: USA and Israel.

Well, it's interesting to see the questions you (Dann) raised about the visit of the US ambassador to Solomon Islands and as well for the Israeli's government officials to Solomon Islands. Infact, these questions seem to be asked at the right time and it also seems to reflect the uncertainties you shed on the visits which is logical. Hence, this article speaks my approach to the questions you raised.

Realistically, there is nothing wrong with the visit of US ambassador to Solomon Islands. Infact, US is seen as a big brother to Solomon Islands. Also to let you know, November 2008, Obama was the newly elected president of USA and his motto is change you can believe in. And under his framework, one of his approaches is to visit countries and make social dialogues to create the change he proposed in his motto. Hence, strengthening of friendship is part of the approach and you already stated in your article. But, the unsure statement you made that the visit maybe just a response to the diplomatic relation that Iran and Solomon Islands are going into is not true. Mind you, Solomon Islands is not the only country that US conduct visits to but there are many out there that even the president himself is visiting. Therefore am sure that the visit is not like as you may think but it is part of US strategy under the leadership of Obama to create change.

However, in relation to the case of Israel, apart from all the countries in the pacific, Solomon Islands is the only country that vote against Israel on the UN recent debate over the action of Israel on Gaza. Well, what so interesting here is the statement delivered by the minister of foreign affairs Mr Haomae during his visit to Iran saying, we have adopted a foreign policy of 'friends to all, enemies to none'. My question in relation to this policy is, is the vote against Israel reflecting this policy or not? What is the problem if Solomon Islands just abstain from voting as the other countries in the pacific did? And let the big boys settle their problem. Hence, I think this is the question Israel is looking for Solomon Islands to justify. A friend of your friend is your friend and an enemy of your friend is your enemy. Please leaders don't have this kind of thinking but stand on your words.

Therefore, with this few remarks, I hope people who think along the same line as Dann will now able to reason out this visit with a clear conscience. This issue is not about showing power but it's a lesson for the leaders who always representing us on global issues to take note of. Thus, Solomon Islands must justify its stand by explaining the reason for voting against Israel which does not reflect the foreign policy delivered by Mr Haomae. If Solomon Islands is truly a Christian country then, Biblically you should know that you are voting against someone "Those who against you I will against them and those who bless you I will bless them".
Thank you