Dear editor,

The opposition's stand on the voting by the governement in support of the UN report condemining Israel's inhuman military actions in Gaza against the Palestinean, couple with strong oppositon to having diplomatic ties wth Iran, labeling Iran as sponsoring terrorism, and instead sided with Isreal which has been terrorising the Palestineans since since 1948, forget about their illigal and expanding settlements on palestinean land, does not add-up. The question is, should we support Israel's inhuman actions in killing mostly innocent Palestineans because we have a somewhat 'non fruitful' diplomatic ties with that country?

The opposition's view on sovereignty was also interesting. During their time with Moti, 'sovereignty' of Solomon Islands is one of their main argument against australia in their effort to justify Moti's appointmment then. Today they are saying that for a small country like solomon Islands, that sacred concept in international relations does not matter.

And by-the-way is Solomon Islands accountable to Israel in its international dealings?

What on earth happened to the notions of non-interference and non-intervention on sovereign states affairs