Dear editor, allow me to present some comment.

Its too early for a country like Solomon Island to embark in such a hot firing decision made by the foreign affairs minister Mr Haomae. It is true that our foreign policy is "Friend to all, enemy to none". If I ask a simple question about this Motto, the question is this..."How does enemy came about? There are many answers to such a question...I could say enemy came about due to disatisfaction. Is that what Hon. Haomae doing did not provoke disatisfaction? No, so you are not adhearing to the Motto Mr Hon. Haomae.

It is true for the Israel Diplomats to question why solomon Islands signed the Report which condemns Israel while other pacific neighbouring countries did not signed. This action also shows that solomon Islands did not want to keep in-touch with other pacific countries. We are not alone, the world out there only recognize us through Regionalism.

I also understand that might be the intention of the signing is to obtain money to meet the airfares of our medical students to study in Cuba. This is definitely wrong, there are peaceful alternatives which our country to look for, rather than creating tense relationship with Ysrael.

I also understand that some solomon islands politicians like the solomon island Ambassador in Australia supporting this, and said that it is the sovereign right of solomon to make any decision regarding international affairs. I think the Ambassador is saying this without analysing the outcome of such approach.

It is also through that solomon island have its own soreignity as we an independent country, but remember the decision we make is important. I could say we yet to fulfill the mechanisms of sovereignity.

Thus, the opposition leader is right in accusing the Government for this issue.