A very good point indeed Mr. Michael raised on considering a fair place for players from each provinces in the Honiara squad but one thing he failed for consider is that Solomon Cup is about the Highest Soccer Competition in our beloved country.

Because Honiara would like to select the best player also to compete against the best from other provinces. Here when considering the best we must always have very talented players from Malaita justified by the population that they cannot have a place in their Province's team but deserve a place in Honiara team.

The problem of having riots is from the selfish and mindlessness of supporters who cannot have patience and trust that their team can still win other games. History tells itself and I think it's time rethink if we are moving forward or setting the whole country backwards. We cannot blame or assume that Honiara always take the advantage for Honiara-Malaita games; that is for the referee panel to investigate and decide. Soccer is a game that only the last whistle blown will decide.

After all, it's all about attitude problem that we should teach right back from our communities and homes around the Solomon Islands, or am afraid that our country will not make a step forward.