I would like to take this opportunity to thank KOSSA FC for the victory in the first leg of the O'League Final in Honiara. I look forward for a positive result in a weeks time in Auckland.

I would just like to put across two points for SIFF to consider if KOSSA FC is declared the O'League Champion next week.

The first one is whether any incentive should be awarded to Solomon Islands Football for winning the O'League. New Zealand has two representatives in the league for the past two seasons, why can't OFC hand and extra seat to the Football Federation whose rep wins the league. Foe example, if KOSSA FC wins, SIFF should be awarded two seats and NZFC reduced to one.

The second point i would like to put across for SIFF to consider is to get the champion of the O'League to defend its title, though it may not qualify through its own league. At the moment KOSSA FC is fourth in the DJ League and may go out in the Super 8. SIFF should seek approval from OFC to amend its rules to allow the champion of the O'League to defend their title.

These are just some thoughts for SIFF to consider and fight for it. However all rest on whether KOSSA can return with the title nest week.