Dear Editor,

I was terribly sorry to hear the torching of the SIFF administration office over the week end. This raises the question "ba umi blamim who ia?" but I think responsible authorities (police) should caution themselves prior to the match because a match between the likes of Malaita FC and Honiara Warriors, especially when disagreement arise will always end-up with such result, rocks flying all over, riots, looting, etc..and this is what happened recently.

History shows that there are riots and brawl taking place especially from the supporters in the previous Solomon Cup games and we expect security should be maximized and on alert during the match but this doesn't happen (it does but was out numbered).

As we know, our country is showing great development in soccer especially in Futsal and now Beach Soccer but due to what happened over the weekend will put our country's effort in football into jeopardy. We recently heard the great result of our Futsal team and now the result of Bilikiki overcoming the might of Uruguay in the FIFA Beach Soccer world cup but the weekend incident put us in an awkward position to celebrate.

Personally, I believed supporters need to understand the real meaning of football, the passion and vision of it to unify people through soccer rather than thinking that soccer is a passion of holiganism. As the notion says "be a good winner and a good losser". Otherwise, our prayers are with the SIFF and our beloved nation as a whole.