It is interesting to note that MP for Temotu, Clay Forau, had $200,000 in cash stolen from his vehicle whilst he was inside the Golden Crown Restaurant. Who does Hon. Forau think he is fooling? First of all, who would leave $200,000 in cash in their car in Honiara? I don't know about everyone else, but I wouldn't even leave $200 in my car. Second, why was the Hon. Forau carrying around $200,000 in cash? What possible reason would you have for carrying that sort of money around? Thirdly, who would know the cash was in his car? If you had that much cash in your car, wouldn't you try very hard to hide it? This all sounds way too unlikely. Also, if this was government money, why wasn't he taking much greater care of it? Is this same attitude reflected in the way he takes care of his constituents? And Hon. Forau has been robbed three times. This first time may seem like bad luck, the second seems like incompetence, the third time makes it seem like gross negligence.