Just wanted to correct some of the misconceptions regarding Our Telekom services.

1. There is nothing magical about using 7 digits. The simple reason is the subscriber numbers have increased and to accommodate that, 7 digits were introduced which will allow for max. of 999,999 subscribers. Is that more than enough for generations to come? I think so.

2. 3G services - the announcement was made because Telekom is making a change to its network to provide better services to people like the 3 from the Pacific. In investing into new infrastructure it hopes services will improve and the capability to provide a 3G network will be available by default.

Now perhaps, people need to read widely and keep an open mind when commenting on issues they would like to raise on the public forum....nothing is worse then projecting an ill researched thinking on the public media.

In that same press statement, the CE admitted their present network cannot support our demands any more....it is in that light that I am waiting on the delivery of new, better infrastructure and keeping a positive outlook. But I agree the current service is as bad as the worst of the worst in the world.