What an act of horror, a scene of nasty, and an attitude of cretin minded fans? What's the deal, a billion dollar of hard cash or a setback of soccer development in the country? What is the ghosted and flattened SIFF office had to justify with the result of the game (Hon vs. Mala)? Or is it a visible impression of the LOVE of the game (soccer)?

It's still hard to believe and digest that the same old attitude is still hovering in the Solomon Islands that was once emblem as the happy isles. Is it a joke, is it for fun or is it an act of aggression. Back there in Honiara you might think that it is what we are known for and seems normal but out somewhere we are pretending trying not to be part of the province coz it's a real hot shameful deed.

Fans are we showing or painting the real us as 'Wantok' by sabotaging SIFF's property? Is it the only option of showing your views of disagreement? What about a thorough 'talk' in a discussion? Your action brought us back 20 to 30 years back posing a backward development in our most loved game. After burning the SIFF office who do you think will be impressed of such act of abuse? Do you think FIFA body or OFC will be taking such initiatives for the soccer development in our country and only for us (Fanatical Fans) to destroy?

Looking at it, a history was recorded in our region (OFC) particularly in the Solomon Islands. Where do you think SIFF will sit to discuss issues of the development of soccer and our country? Now it will be under the trees again. No wonder, Pacific Island countries see us as 'step over' in soccer and are making cracking jokes about our soccer development which seems static all through, and plays it down to our (fans) weird attitude and perspective towards soccer as a barrier that hinders soccer development in our country.

Crazy soccer fans, is it our attitude towards soccer that was shown? Or is that we take it for granted, so that we can walk away with something in our hands and a trade mark on our foreheads? Mistakes in the field are obvious and even world professional referees are victims of it, and shouldn't be seen as an act of biasness.
And who do you think would suffer the consequences of our actions? It's you, me, our future generation of Ronaldos and our country. Please soccer fans accept whatever results of the games may be and learn to be a leader of change and a role model to our future soccer development.

We will always want our teams to be winners and walk away with the hefty prizes, but remember that the coolest loser will always walk away with the prize pride and hearts of many people.