Please editor can you put this reply of mine to JACKIE K FROM FIJI? about the "Youth Parliament Saga"

Well, Its how a sociaty functions not all of us can have the same idea. To you my (bro or sis) Jackie K even though we can talk and pointing our veiws in ourselves' eyes it wo'nt turn out as we could expect. So the point why I am saying that I am just siting on the fence (no agree no disagree) is because of that.

It's good for you Jackie to enter the jungle yourself as you have said. Your
example of the jungle and the hot water is not relevent to the topic at all. As a citizen of Solomon Islands and a youth we should be mindful on our disaproval to any policy our government is initiating because we will be the one to see the out come of it. Just a word for you Jackie K "how can you taste the fruit of a plant while still immature to bear fruits?" so wait first time, without jumping to the conclusion with some unfounded grounds.