Dear editor,

Allow me space to confer my view in response to Mafros Ali's contribution on the issue of youth parliament.

Well, it is interesting to know that you (Ali) claim to neither agree nor disagree with those who go foe and against this initiative put forward by our government. What make sense of your statement is, your conscience just lay in the middle. It is like putting your right leg in a bucket of hot water and your left leg in a bucket of cool water, how does that feel? Think about.

Further more, you call on youths in the country not to be short sighted and jealous. In fact they are not like that as you think, what they did is an effective forecast of the future impacts of the initiative which the government should take into consideration. And the saying you quoted "end justifies the means" is a statement reflecting a dead government. We don't want reactive leaders who realize their wrongs after running into the ditch, but what we need is a proactive government who identifies the entire ditch before starting the journey. Hence to be proactive is far better than sitting back and waiting to blame the government ones the initiative is not successful as you said. Thus, as academics', it is better for us to fling in positive contributions to national issues as this and not just sitting on the fence. Don't just look at one tree but look at the entire jungle. Just to help you think outside the box.

Thank you