Dear Editor,

I would like to support Mr Housanau on the issue of unavailability of funds for the census program which leads to the delay.

The statistic office is a very important office in the country where all sectors within the country and foreign stakeholders,public or private rely on for all sort of information.

I would therefore call upon those who are responsible to assist the program as well as the key project assistants to value this coming census program. Our population density is growing which limits the space for our people to settle.

Researchers and annalysts for our economic development will rely on the data collected by those enumerators to project a valid and accountable data.

Students in our schools will also rely on these informations to improve their understanding on what our country,the people,our resources as well as what our environment is like.

I hope funds will be available and Enumerators ,please do a good job...we believe you that you are well able to help our country in collecting these informations with honesty,intergrity accountability and finally be true to what you are assigned to do for the good of our beloved country.

Please helpem oketa...$$$
Thank you