Dear editor, if you could permit me to elaborate on the above subject.

Conducting a Census is not aa easy task. Thus, I'd like to sincerely acknowledge all the staff of the Solomon Islands Statistic Office for their generous committements towards this National Census as the foremost thing. It is a very vital event for the country as a whole as it's various indentify indicators for both social, economics and politics will absolutely lead to the well implemantation of policies especially for the areas of interests to the improvements of our standard of living in the near future.

Focus on the main intention of this letter, it so sad as it have been broardcasted on the 11/11/09 by Ronnie Kidoe of Solomon Islands National Statistic office (SINSO) that the Census process had been delayed as prevously expected due to unavailability of funds from the respective source. Accordingly to my perspective on the issue, there should not be a limitation or constraint to that matter, because having a glance at the Census Cycle.

Actually it has five Phases in which the first stage within this cycle is known to be the prepartion before the field operation so as far as it's preparation is concern, one of the major concerning aspect within this preparatory work is known to be the Financial basis. Thus, the indication here is that the budget drawn for conducting such Census should also be corresponding to the availabilty of the other aspects such as Designing of Questionnaires for the purpose of collecting relevent informations from the respondents. And so this should not be a claim as previously mentioned. Since the point here is that when emphaising or encountering such conditions that are directing affects the enumerators.

In fact, there will be shortfalls of trusty and honesty among those enumerators and the likely contains of the informations collected by those enumerators will deifntely result in some inaccuracy, not relevant and as so ful of biases and fallancies and that will leads to incorrect intrepreations on those collected data as well as it will be directly affects the decision making by the concern ministries such as the Minitry of Plannings and so forth.

Thus, it is a major concern for the concern authority to aviods such conditions to be further proceed as the focus is to collects a high quality of informations at the end of the National Population and Housing Census for better decision makings.

I hope this will be immediately solve as soon as possilbe by the responsible Aurthorities to avoids data errors in our National Census, 2009.