Dear Madam/Sir,

We would appreciate if you could post our note/concern in your column.
We (three Solos living outside of Solomons) would like to register our dissatisfaction with regards to Telekom's mobile service. Its been 3 weeks, going on 4 weeks now that we are unable to make any calls to mobile phones in Honiara or the provinces that have access to mobile services.

While we appreciate the fact that Telekom is trying (unsuccessfully) to improve the service by having 7 digits, Telekom needs to fully assess the effectiveness of these changes.

The announcement of the 3G service by the general manager is really funny - come-on, are you kidding, you cannot maintain effectiveness and efficiency with your current standard communication services and you want to move a couple of notches up?

Please, if any of the Telekom technicians or general manager read this note, please check that your service is accessible.

It is embarrasing even to write the name "OUR TELEKOM", we do not want to "claim" a service that is not ours and cannot be accessed.

Taggio tumas