Please editor can you put this short note of mine on your column.

Again another very interesting topic to bark about. As for that I for one neither agree nor disagree with those fellows who are contributing their ideas about the "youth Parliament". I only have one point to put across to us youths.
They (adults) said we are the future leaders of our country. But we did not satisfy with anything that has been intiated by them for us like the "youth Parliament", then where on earth can we expect anything that only focus on us the youth?.

My brothers and sisters don't be short sighted and jealous about those who are the first youth leaders in Parliament, there will be a time for us if it is God's plan we can be in there too. So let them alone and if it cost our Government too much then, their eyes are not blind. We just wait and see and blaim them if that idea is not suitable for our country, as a say goes 'end justifies the meaens' so just concentrate on our studies and our own affairs and see what will be the next.
With that "Jah bless Solomon People"