For those of us who have little knowledge about this initiative and trying to pre-empt the outcome is a weakness by itself. The issues affecting our Youths today is wide-ranging and complex, and it needs a collective effort and initiatives, not just one. If one of the efforts is through this parliament youth initiative then let it be. There could be also other means as expressed by other writers such as through our education system or community services and NGOs. However, there are also weaknesses in some of these mechanisms, for example our education system currently is heavily exam-oriented and too theoretical in nature and therefore lacks the reality of our context and issues facing our youths today.

Areas concerning government is not new, all along has been part of our national curriculum but one of the challenges could be lack of enactment from the government, school authorities, principals or teacher's pedagogical content knowledge. I'm sure every schools and authorities have principles, vision, and goals for their schools and pupils. In addition, I understand the curriculum Unit is reviewing the curriculum content including the civic and value education as part of the citizenship education. However, the parliament youth could complement the gaps or practical aspects of the school curriculum. As I've said, the issues facing our youths are huge and complex, and thus in my opinion one initiative alone is inadequate.