Approximately 400 million dollars is lost through Malpractice according to the Auditor General's report

What a huge sum of money just went down into the drain. Why we have to be silent with these corrupt practices that continue to rot our intestine like a stomach cancer while we pretend to appear healthy outside?

Thank you very much prime minister for voicing this out to the public, this proves that you are a true and honest leader that never hides your shortcomings and failures to our people.

I raise this issue in this column because it concerns me as a citizen of my beloved country so that other patriot back home or abroad could at least say something about these corrupt practices that hinders the progression of development in our poor country.

We need to well scrutinize this problem and probe into its underlying factors so that we could be able to identify possible ways we can quickly get rid of before it cripples our path towards a brighter future for our children.

Our nation got the potential to boost development but this cannot happen with such intolerable practices that seem to be normal among some of our leaders.

Let us not blame anybody for what has happen rather learn from it and adjust to the right step in the right direction that will free our societies from corruption and push the country forward.

Together we fight corruption, the better our nation will be.

God bless Solomon Islands.