Dear Editor,

I disagree with Nancy Mae and Fred's perception of the Malaita Squad for the Solomon Cup. Having Honiara based players in the squad demoralizes the aspiration of players in the rural areas of ever representing the province. I am of the view that the Solomon Cup should be a tournament that showcase the raw talents that each of these provincial teams have. Most upcoming players in the provinces look forward to this tournament as an opportunity to showcase their skills and impress club selectors in Honiara for contracts. Look at players such as Menapi, Suri, Mela, Naka just to name a few - these are players that were unearthed through this tournament.

Having players from Honiara representing the provincial teams kills the whole purpose of having young players from the rural areas making it through to Honiara. Likewise, soccer fans are also denied the opportunity to see these talented rural based players - what fans will see is just a reincarnation of the Honiara premier league, with the same players gracing Lawson, though representing different provinces.

I suggest SIFF create another tournament and name it the "Province of Origin Cup" and have all the Honiara based players representing their respective provinces.

Thank you.