Dear Editor,

I am still to make sense of the Youth Parliament in Solomon Islands despite having read so many articles on this subject in this forum. I'm sure that this is a kind of Youth movement. But can anyone please explain what exactly this so called Youth parliament is? It's purpose(s)? What it is trying to achieve? How it's members are appointed or elected? And what power or mandate do they have to speak on national issues affecting or on behalf of our people? I believe that any matters to do with youth matters or concerns I think we have process and procedures, Ministries and Departments, etc to see to it. It is a fact that our youth is our future, representing the large proportion of our population structure, no doubt about that, but at the back of my mind I tend to think that we must nourish it (our youth) with care and responsibility within the frame work of our governing mechanism (government, churches and cultures) because anything else, would be like creating an atomic bomb for our own destruction.