Thank you for putting my comments regarding the above issue.

Having read some and skipped through some comments about the youth parliament, I got few questions. Is the youth parliament a pilot project or its an underway project that will be ongoing? Personally, I am quiet excited about the youth parliament.
Are they (youth parliament) a different entity from the adult (elected)national parliament or them(the youths&elected ) members are on the same seatings and discussing the countries issue and do bills together?

I am happy with youth contributions but I am getting uneased by them creating bills. No, not yet!. There should be a timeframe, lets say 2-3 yrs of constant seatings in parliament should enable them to do so. Let the youth sit with the elected members and get them familiarise themselves in the way the parliament is going, because that would be another way of buiding confidence and creating critics and formulate ideas.

One of the contributors excellent suggestion is, creating curriculum in schools and engaging school trips during parliament seatings.

Why are some contributors criticise the money spent? I believe, this program has been organised by the international organisation and not the government. I believe the program is part of the international projects to implement here to asist the youth as per sponsors objectives.

Well done by congregating the 50 youths to get them get the feel of being the active citizens of the country, and get them involve in the positive outlook and be proud of where they are from. But no no, dont leave them alone to create and prepare the bills please!. Dont leave them alone as yet. Organisers are most welcome to cut down the numbers as time goes on from 50 to 25 or 15, but then let us stay with the idea of youth involvement.

ALso, please involve those who are very interested to explore more, and those who a happy to contribute to the issue, and not only the secondary schoolies. Raise the youth parliament age to from 18-30 years old.

Youths are our future and involving them helps our country in future.

Long live the youths of Solomon Islands.