Dear Editor,

I have no objections with the mock 'youth parliament' concept. By golly, if there's government funding for it, may as well fully support it. I see it as an investment and not a waste at all, sorry!!. I do agree with Mr Manu'ari and other supporters. We need to encourage our youths to become visionaries because that is what is lacking in some of our elders and leaders.

Our youths need to be exposed to this real world!. This is just a start to many other fundamentals of life that our youth will be confronted with. So why not?. I see it as more educational in many ways than one. Not only that they will be developing their social science skills but there is also english comprehension, confidence, mathematical/research, public speaking and many more. It will be a window of opportunity for them.

We really do not envisage them entering parliament at an early stage but that they will be more mature in their thinking and ability by the time they leave school. So i would encourage schools to support government in this undertaking and educational venture for the betterment of our youth.