It is high time that our responsible authorities including our ICSI board must look into the solomon airlines ongoing management crisis. To avoid a potential bankruptcy our good government should intervene and remove the current CEO and reinstate the sacked board of Rick Hou.

We had enough of this incapable CEO from Vanuatu by the name of Rom Sumsum. Some are better in technical expertise while others are better in administration and financial management.

We cannot accept spending huge tax payers money on expartriate expertise while locals can even perform the job better than some of them.

We should only spend tax payers money on expartriate expertise where locals are insufficient. When shall our leaders open their eyes and do the right thing by removing the current CEO and re-engage people like Hou, Bauro and others?

Solomon airlines operation is a profitable SOE if and when we have proper management and resource personels in place. Sad to see our airline operation continued to be abused by our current CEO and team.