Interesting to read the letters to the Editor, regarding the above issue.

We all know we live in a country where we can have a freedom of speech to criticise, or even argue about a matter in media. Ella Kauhue did, and I applauded her for speaking her mind, and questioning the decision made, and that, we can explore the different aspect of the matter in question, further.

Interesting to know where each of the contributors stand, arguing, contributing or even correcting or may I say warning us, that questioning the courts decision is not the way to go about in media. Is there an unwritten law regarding questioning the court's decisions or it is merely that the lawyers are now getting anxious because public is questioning the decisions made in courts.

Of course, Ella Kauhue and I will query the decision made, because even though we arent train lawyers, we are prefer to speak our minds that cases are argued well and decisions are made fair.

Long live the women of Solomon Islands.