Youth parliament? what a waste!! If its a mock kind of parliament, then its a waste indeed. Why not improve the social science syllabus in our schools and include everything that youths need to learn about their parliament, and other foreign concepts. I think schools are the best place for the majority of youths (not just 50) to learn about their parliament. Mock debates can even be organise by social science teachers in our schools. This is in my view a better way to learn and set strong awareness for our youths about parliamentary processes. If youth parliament was practiced in australia or england, then I see it as luxury. Money-wise, solomon islands could not afford such a luxury at this stage, maybe in the next 20 yrs. The money used could have been worthwhile if allocated to improve social science subject in our schools or better still, if 10 youth centers were build throughout our provinces with $100000 each. That way, the youths could actively and continuosly participate meaningfully in voicing their concerns