It's interesting to note Michael Aike's statement as per Youth Parliament.

I suppose you do more research to back your arguments. Some background information to support our argument is needed, if not your arguments with regards to the youth Parliament is baseless.

Tell me in length, the illegality of the youth Parliament as assrted by you. What laws and, or procedues are breached?

Please understand that what transpired in chambers by the youths is a 'MOCK DEBATE'. We don's have two Parliaments in Solomon Isands. It seems to me that you don't have any idea/knowledge at all about Youth Parliament.

What else??...the Bible say so..."people perish because of lack of knowldge"

Solomon Islands need to get away from the illiterate generation. That's why we need to educate our youths about issues that affects them and the nation. Such knowledge in them would prepare them for the future as they will be future leaders.

"Gaining knowledge is worth more than a million dollar project"