Dear editor,

I would be grateful if you could publish my view on the recent initiative on youth parliament proposed and implemented by our leaders.

Well, it is pretty interesting to see a number of citizens giving their views foe and against the issue on the media. On one hand, it is great and inspiring to see the youths in their formative years participating at such level or the national level. Hence, that also reveals how proactive our leaders are, but mind you, that's only one side of the coin. And what we really need to figure out is the hidden agendas. Thus, that's the most interesting part of the issue which will show you what is on the other side of the coin one's you discover.

However, out of the ordinary, there are questions that rose from this issue. First, the leaders who proposed and implement this great initiative were sitting in the parliament almost four years now and it's only less than five months before the next election. So, my question is where is this great idea of youth parliament 3 years ago? NAFU NAO. What am trying to say here is, if this tremendous idea was put in place 3 years ago, by now we should be getting better by achieving the national aims of such intitiative. But if the hidden agenda here is just a new political strategy for the up coming election, then stop, this is not part of the learning abilities of the youths as stated by Derick from NZ but this is exploitation of our youths which is useless.

Another important matter which is common in our 50 constituencies is, during the campaign time, what most of our leaders do is, they make a promise to their people that ones they are put in power, they will carry all their concerns to the national level or voice their concerns in the parliament. In fact the great idea of youth parliament which was implemented is not reflecting the promise. And that shows the leaders are not doing what they suppose to do. That is by conducting community programs to find out the views of their people and addressing it at the national level. I think if the leaders do this, then the 1 million spend on the 1 week youth parliament sitting should be diverted into other fields that promote development in our country. Hence, what make sense here is, the leaders are wasting the sum of 1 million to get the information they should have get directly from their people by visiting them. This issue is likely to accelerate ones the voting age is reducing to 16. Just imaging, now the voting age is 18 and still the leaders are unable to get the view of everyone, DEN HAO MUCH MOA IF HEM REDUCE TO 16.

In fact, the idea of youth parliment is great but the problem is, it is to late in the four years process of the present government and it should be left for those who will come up in the next term to last look at it then implement. What I believe is better ideas need more time before implementing. A five months old baby can not survive without her mother. Therefore, let the great idea raised with in a full term of four years rather than just five months. This is for the betterment of our country and if we need change then we should think carefully and take time to do proper planning rather than just emphasizing pre mature babies. Just to help us think outside the box.

Thank you