The team selected to represent Malaita in the coming Solomon Cup does not truly represent the province as a whole.

This is because of:
1. All the players seems to be Honiara based player. Minority are from the local area who are yet to arrive in Honiara.

2. All the players are from one region of the provice, not from both the regions of the province which is South and North.

Therefore, I see this team not representing the entire province.

Please, selectors or the responsible authorities be fair for all Malaitans. If not make another team to represent the other region of the provice. For sure, this region also produces potential and skilled soccer players as far as history of soccer of our country is concern.

Don't take the same principles you did or applied with infrastructure development in the province with the beloved game "soccer" because this will not yield any good thing in our province.

Thank you