It's interesting to listen to young people talked on issues said to affect themselves- youths.

More interestingly in the first day there were bills raised by our youth parlimentarians. But one bill which dominated the debate of the first day was 'the eligibility of 16 years old' people to legally vote during national or provincial elections.

Sorry if the previous writers or future writers might accuse me of this, but it's my democratic right to say, it's too early to put that bill on floor by our youth parlimentarians. As a street man's view on the bill, it showed yesterday how bias the youth parlimentarians and who ever coached them to jump the front of the gun before it is fired. In my naked eyes, they are hungry for political power (prioritising 16 years to vote), rather than debating other fundamental bills, for instance, the formal education system which we have today disadvantages the youths...dropouts, creating dependency minds, and resulting in many lius (unemployed youths).

One might attack me, why not go into parliment and talk about those, of course I can. Sadly, the selection of youth parlimentarians is restricted to secondary schools only. No wonder it's their priority to the bill of early voting age. Sorry if the organizers might feel hurt of this, but I am a youth below the age of 30 years. What time we will have the preveledge to dibate in the parliment? Or since I am not or no longer in secondary school I will not represent the voice of the majority age group 20 -30 years old? Or since I am not in school but a community youth member or ordinary rural villager I am not a good choice? Come on organizers be sensitive when you're dealing with youths. Honestly the selection criteria is not fair for youth representation in this country. It maybe our cost and manority's happiness.

We should change the name from youth parliment to secondary schools parliment.