The price increase of goods in Honiara, Solomon Islands will contoniue to increase. That is because SI is producing less/nothing and import all it's food products.
The government now should encourage more students to study in food related fiels such as food scientist, technologist/nutritionist so that SI can manufacture own food like Fiji. Fiji is currently importing less in food products. SI needs to train people in food related fileds so that local products can be made from the available resources that we have such as potato, banana etc for chips, cassava for flour and so forth as Fiji is embarking on.

We have alot of our local foods that can be analyze and manufacture. For instance the starch foods that we have. I think it is time now that the governemnt is to re-look at its scholarship awards. Enough of accounting, management, marine science etc scholarship. We should consider applied science/agriculture more if Solomon Islands is to address the nutritional problem of its people.

God bless Solomon Islands