I would really appreciate if my letter can be published. Thank you so much editor.

Courts are not immune to public criticism. People should be able to criticize the Courts decision when they are not happy about their decisions. Whether that criticism is a well informed one or not is open for public discussions.

Not all criticism is a well informed criticism. Not all people who made criticism against the Courts read the Courts judgments. Not all people who read the Court's decision understand the mumbo jumbo reasoning of the Courts. Should we only allow those very few who understands the Court reasoning to make criticism? If the answer is affirmative (Yes) then I am sorry to say that Only Lawyers would criticize the Court. They are the only ones who understand the Court decisions.
Is that what Rarumae want?

When laws are enacted in parliament usually those who do not know the ins and out of parliament criticize the end product. That means the law that was enacted. You don't tell people to go and read about the whole process before making criticism. The same reasoning should be applied with the Court.

I understand Lawyers tend to defend the Court because they are lawyers themselves. I would rather see lawyers criticizing the Court than telling people to read Court's decision if they are even published.