Dear Editor,

Mr Pakipota must be daydreaming in saying that Steve is making an absurd comment in response to Tina's posting. Tina's message really is not clear because the hot issue of discussion here is the destrution of the Stalls and their effects. Hence, people can easily interpret her comment as the destruction of those stalls have affected the drug users because it might be that the presence of those stalls give them an easy access to those illegal drugs. It might be clear that she is telling us to say no to drugs, but her unclarity in writting is what might make Steve to be taking her on the wrong meaning.

I know that Mr Kapivio's comment is relating the drug users and the sellers with regards to the destruction of those illegal stalls and points out that sellers will be affected greatly and not the drug users as those stalls are their money or their survival. Hence, there is no wrong in Mr Steve Kapivio's response to Tina. Further, the use of drugs is not a new issue. It's one of the oldest ssues. Therefore everybody knows about that and lets leave it to individuals to decide what is best for them. To you Mr Pakipota, you need to analyze things along the line if you don't have the chance to read along the line as you've mentioned. Nothing is wrong with Mr Kapivio's response. We need a sound, clear writting to better understand each other.