Dear Editor,

Spare me a space to the respond to the absurd comments made by Mr Kapivio in reply to Tina Zama of Fulton College on the above subject.

Mr Steve is contradicting himself to what he is saying about the above issue. I recalled from his last posting dated October 29, 2009 he fully supports the dismantling of these illegal stalls in Rove and White River. My friend Steve even went on to articulate that such stalls is a breeding point for illegal sell of drugs such as marijuana and kwaso which he is right, however he is now telling us something completely opposite. Mate what message are you to trying to convey to the public when your comments in this forum are in conflict and inconsistent.

Furthermore Tina Zama's comment may look of one-dimensional to you as an academic, however if you read between the lines, you will get a simple message and that is "say no to harmful drugs" and its up to individual to make their choice but that is the core message, however am surprised that you fail to figure it out maybe because that was your intention, who knows.