One Tina Zama of Fulton college did not understand the reality of life and thinks that those local sellers of bettlenuts are not greatly affected by the dismantling of the stalls by the Police and the HCC. She thinks that life is just an easy going in this time of globl economic crisis where money is desperately needed by many people to meet the needs of their family. Mind you that those poor sellers perhaps rely on the sell of bettlenuts to meet the school fees or even kerosenes, food, cloths for their family. Hence to have a perspective about sellers as not affected by this dismantling exercise is stupid.

Remember, that drug users will never be affected at all since there are many ways in which they can get those drugs their body desire. They can go to the central market and purchase the bettlenut they need or even go the bottleshops in and around Honiara and buy the beer they want and so forth. Who are you to undermine those local sellers who are involved in boosting our nation's economy in an informal way? And also to dictate what people should do to refrain from the use of drugs in the last part of your argument is null and void because this is not a new thing. Pepole new very well about that before taking those drugs. Thus, Tina Zama needs to get her stuff right before commenting in this forum.